How can I enter my bank account information?

You may link your bank account to your Gemini login account by doing the following:
Go to the Payment methods page and click on Get Started under Automatically connect bank for Gemini login. Proceed through the flow to submit your bank login details using Plaid.
If you are unable to link your bank account through Plaid or prefer not to use your online banking credentials to register your bank account, please exit the screen and click on Manually link bank, where you may enter your financial information for Gemini login.

A successful wire deposit into your account is essential to authenticate your bank account and enable ACH transfers (Domestic users only) and withdrawals to this bank account. Please see the attached document for wire deposit instructions for Gemini login.

Please keep in mind that you can manually add a bank account and make payments on your Gemini Credit Card without first validating it through a wire transfer. For deposits or withdrawals from the exchange, you would still need to make a successful wire (if applicable). Please follow this link for information on how to make a payment on your Gemini Credit Card.